March 26-28, 2025  |  Moscow  |  Expocentre



ChemiCos Industry


Specialised exposition of equipment, raw chemical ingredients and polymers for complete production cycle

  • Raw materials and components
  • Chemical raw materials
  • Natural ingredients
  • Equipment
  • Boiling machines. Kettles and reactors
  • Mixers, blenders, emulsifiers
  • Packaging lines. Dosing, filling, capping
  • Pumps, filters, nodes
  • Logistics, transport services
  • Engineering and design of manufacturing premises
  • R&D, certification, consulting services
  • Industry associations and unions, media

Specialised exposition of packaging solutions for low- and medium-tonnage chemicals

  • Packaging materials, raw materials and auxiliary means for manufacturing of packaging.
  • Rigid packaging. Boxes, jars, vials, blister.
  • Soft packaging. Bags, sacks, wrap, sachets.
  • Composite packaging.
  • Branding and labeling. Production of labels.
  • POSM. Advertising packaging materials, blocks, structures. Packaging for trading zones
  • Warehouse, logistics and transport equipment. Racks, pallets, stackers, loaders, warehouse automation technologies.
  • Recycling of packaging and environmental protection.